At our Schornhof farm, located 1000-m above sea level on the south side of the Mühltal Valley, we are growing goji berries on four hectares of land, enabling our customers to purchase these berries independently of Chinese and other exporters. Our fruit contains virtually no pesticide residues because the soil is fertile and unpolluted. So the most valuable fruit in the world is now growing in a remote location near the village of Gschorn, nestled in the Trudnerhorn conservation area and surrounded by larches.

We have developed a range of regional specialties involving goji berries and by working with other food retailers in South Tyrol, we ensure sustainable and regional value. By growing the berries here, we cut out many thousands of food kilometers, which not only reduces carbon emissions but also ensures our customers receive freshly harvested produce.

Goji berry ambassadors

We are looking for people who have the same goji berry philosophy as we do and who want to work with us to develop this valuable food product. Our ambassadors will be involved in decisions about the future of the goji berry in South Tyrol and we will take steps to ensure that the „happy fruit“ secures its rightful place in the range of foods available here. Each ambassador will have a dedicated goji shrub tagged with his/her name at the Schornhof farm.

Our philosophy

Felix Baron Longo, the owner of the Schornhof farm, summarizes his philosophy as follows, „Agriculture is our life.“ For Felix Baron Longo‘s family, this principle has been true for centuries and this noble family has now added the cultivation of goji berries to its interests in livestock and forestry and in orchards and vineyards.

Felix Baron Longo decided to become more involved with this plant (which has the most active ingredients in the world) because of the goji berry’s comprehensively positive effects on the human body: „The desire to live in harmony with nature, to take from and contribute to it, and to respect nature prompted me to look for a product that embodies all of these positive features and encourages others to think in the same way.“ The goji berry is an ideal product and the “best food in the world” is now available, freshly harvested, in South Tyrol.

Visits to Schornhof

Come along to Schornhof - we‘ll show you what we do to ensure that goji berries grow and flourish on our farm. Learn about the fantastic effects of this red fruit and understand why the goji berry is loved and valued by so many people as the most valuable food in the world. See for yourself our excellent production conditions and gain insights into the wide range of goji berry wonder fruit products at Schornhof. If you would like to visit, just give us a call and we can then agree on a date for your visit, to which we will look forward.

Do you prefer the larger goji berries to the small ones? Or is it vice versa? Would you rather pick the berries on a steep slope? No problem: Come along and join us at Schornhof and harvest your own goji berries. Goji berries straight from the field - you can‘t get them any fresher than that! We will provide you with everything you need to pick the berries and, of course, you only pay for their harvested weight. Any of these delicious berries that accidentally find their way into your mouth while you are picking them are naturally free of charge!

Harvest goji berries yourself