Fresh goji berries

Be a European who knows what fresh goji berries taste like! We will send you some on the day they are picked to ensure they arrive really fresh, packed in special 100-g cups so that the valuable berries are not crushed or damaged in transit.

Goji fruit spreads in jars, 18-month shelf life

Stefan Gruber from Alpe Pragas has worked with us to develop three fruit spreads, which we offer in the following flavors: Goji Raspberry, Apricot Goji and Blueberry Goji. Surprise your taste buds

Limited Edition Raspberry Goji, 110g jar

A fusion of a special kind - raspberry and goji berry are a special treat for food enthusiasts.

Limited Edition Apricot Goji

A combination of apricots from the Val Martello Valley with Schornhof goji berries. A sumptuous meeting of flavors at the highest level.

Limited Edition Blueberry Goji

The combination of blueberry and goji berry fruit spread makes this really special - it is difficult to beat this taste.

Limited Edition Goji 3 x 3

Can‘t decide which is your favorite fruit spread? No problem - try our „Goji 3 x 3“ and you won’t have to make a decision. Blueberry Goji, Apricot-Goji and Raspberry-Goji are available to sample in a tasteful gift box, packed by hand by employees at a South Tyrol sheltered workshop.

Goji Apple Juice

Only a fruit juice made from apples and goji berries from South Tyrol can taste this good and refreshing. Now also available in a 250-ml bottle.

Pre-order goji berries

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to pre-order goji berries for the 2013 harvest. This way you can be sure to receive your berries and also be one of the first to benefit from fresh goji berries.

Farmgate sales

This should state on which days and at what times visitors can come to the farm to purchase their fresh goji berries and products.

Subscription service

Our subscription service gives you the opportunity to arrange for our goji products to be conveniently delivered to your home. Simply select your required goji products from our range and state the quantity - we will do the rest. No minimum term.

Order by fax

Would you prefer to order our products by fax? No problem: Just send the completed order list to fax number 0039 0471 813380.

Buy goji berries

FAQs & Shipping

Do you have any questions about goji berries? You may find the answers here.

Where do you ship your products?

Generally we ship our products anywhere, except maybe to the moon... The cost of shipping depends on the order size - however, there are no shipping charges in Italy for orders over 60 Euros.

In the case of the fresh berries we are still tinkering with ways of improving packaging so that the berries can be kept fresher for even longer using natural methods. For this reason, we are currently shipping our freshly harvested goji berries only within South Tyrol.

Payment - How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal; alternatively you can also pay your invoice cash on delivery.

Do you also supply your products to distributors?

Of course we also sell our products to companies - please contact us if you would like to order larger quantities.

Did the product fail to meet your expectations?

Please contact us immediately - we will find a solution together.

Where are Schornhof products listed?

All our products are available through the online shop or from our business partners.

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